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Christmas is just round the corner and preparations are in full swing. Christmas presents for families and friends are being finalized. There is an air of fervor and celebration all around Cambodia. Keeping in view the glorious tradition of Christmas of spreading love and happiness, leading online marketplaces are offering huge discounts on a number of product categories for Cambodians.

Christmas Sales

One of the biggest online marketplaces, Kaymu, is offering people the chance to shop for gifts online at very attractive prices. The Christmas sale includes significant discounts on major product categories like computers, mobiles, and home and kitchen appliances. Not only can you shop for essentials for yourself but also pick out branded products as gifts for your loved ones.

Eday KH, is currently under online-testing their online marketplaces. Eday KH is to provide B2B business model where every shopes in Cambodia can bring there product to sell online and make comfortable life for buyer.

Currently Eday KH is providing a free register for any kind of shop such Electronic, Apparel, Health Care, Beauty, Software...etc. By registering with Eday KH, Shop Owner will have their own a complete e-commerce site similar to Kaymu.

Tips in Online Shopping

Given that the online shopping industry is still significantly new and not many Cambodians have had an online shopping experience, events like Christmas sales are important to gain the confidence of masses. There are also some essential tips which potential buyers must follow to get an optimal shopping experience.

The first thing is to keep a list of things in mind which comprise of items that you want the most. Given that it is a sale and the product you want may run out of stock, you have to be on your feet and act instantly to get the product. Making a list of products you want can go a long way to help you focus and get the most out of the Christmas sale.

The next thing is to make an account. All online marketplaces have the option to sign up. Signing up allows you save your shipping address, allowing you to save valuable time when shopping. You simply enter the product in the cart and checkout instantly.

Talking about checkout stage, always ensure that the page is encrypted. You are entering sensitive information. Online marketplaces have already ensured that the whole process is pretty secure but you should also keep an eye out for the https sign on the top left of the address bar.

Just follow these tips and shop online with great ease. Make full use of Christmas sale and celebrate the event with great gifts with your loved ones. 

By: Khuram Shahzad

Cambodia, like all other developing countries in the world, has an ecommerce industry ready for takeoff. The world is fast becoming a global village thanks to the removal of boundaries through the internet. News spreads from one corner of the world to the other in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the internet, the lifestyles of people are also changing.

How ecommerce is changing lifestyles of the masses?

The developed countries like USA and UK have a mature ecommerce industry. Online shopping is a norm in such places. People don’t visit brick and mortar stores but just order stuff online and get it delivered to their homes, in the process, saving some precious time.

Unlike such developed countries, the ecommerce in Cambodia is just starting off. While it is late to join the party, it is better late than never. The number of internet subscribers in on the high. The number of mobile phone subscribers is also increasing. With the advent of 3G and 4G technology, what this means is that the masses will have access to blazing fast internet on their fingertips. This fact is enough to see what a huge impact internet can make in the way people live their lives. Online shopping websites like Kaymu and Eday-kh are starting off and there are several others who are garnering positive response from Cambodians. This warm reception is proof enough that with the right investments and strategies, the ecommerce in Cambodia can reach unappalled heights.

Factors which will ensure the success of online marketplaces in Cambodia


A lot of online marketplaces have popped up in recent years but not many have been successful. This is because a lot of them have failed to earn the trust of the customers. Trustworthiness is the key factor in determining the success of the venture. No one can share their private details or shop on a website in which they don’t trust.

Easy Modes of Payment

 Online marketplaces have to ensure that Cambodians have access to easy modes of payment. After trust, facilitation of customers is a key factor in the success of any online marketplace. Modes of payment like Cash on Delivery allows customers to pay once the order reaches their doorsteps. What this does is that it also promotes trust and confidence in the buyer.

Return Policies

One of the biggest reasons people don’t buy online in Cambodia is because of the poor return policies. On electronic items, warranties are a must otherwise people just won’t buy. Similarly, when buying clothes online, you have to ensure that sizes are a perfect fit. And if not, there should be easy return policies. If a product is faulty or doesn’t do what it claims to do, returning it is the basic right of customer. In brick and mortar stores, this is a norm. A lot of online marketplaces are a bit hesitant to do this as they fear high costs, but this is a key factor in determining the success of online marketplace in Cambodia.


By: Khuram Shahzad